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Ayllu "Community" The Story of Us

Community is the land and people who shaped me and our interconnected extensions--It is the tie to the local land around us, it is knowing that the land and people do not need to be “saved” but rather respected, it is knowing that there is less and less food but everyone will eat, it is recognizing the loss and joy we have experienced together, it is listening to the cicadas sing and knowing what it means, it is watching the swallow tailed birds arrive and knowing rain will follow, it is walking into spaces together we are not wanted in, it is living in resistance. Community is remembering those before and thinking of all those who are yet to come.


Mining has devastated rivers home of people, plants and animals. This is the island where one of our elders is buried. Now, scars left by machines. 


We lost a relative to the river. This was the first time we went back out. Footprints of children playing. 


This road was build without informed consent. 

It was built for oil, not people. 

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